The School Day

Each school day begins with a brief devotion and includes Bible study and the application of Christian principles to daily life. Secular courses taught throughout the rest of the day are taught from a Christian point of view by Christian teachers.

Curriculum Standards

Language Arts
History/Social Science
Physical Education

Textbooks and Teaching Materials

Fine Arts


Music is a part of the regular curriculum for all Bethany students. In addition, students may choose to participate in Trinity Choir (grades 3-5), Troubadour Choir (grades 6-8) or a Handbell Choir (grades 7-8). More information about our children's choirs is available online here.

Bethany Lutheran School also operates an afterschool music academy for piano, string, voice, or organ lessons and offers in-school band instrument instruction through the Primary Music Program. Both of these are at an additional cost.


Got Art?  We do!  Our Art Program offers students an opportunity to creatively express themselves through various mediums and styles of art.  Students are introduced to Master Artists, such as Picasso, O’Keefe, Matisse, Kahlo, Hokusai, da Vinci, and others, and students create their own masterpieces in the varying styles.  Ms. Evie Erickson, our Art Teacher, also supports classroom instruction by designing complementary art projects for class assignments.  This year we will increase opportunities for student engagement in art with the addition of a kiln on campus.   Art is also used as a teaching tool in the individual classrooms.

School Services

At Christmas, a children's service and in the Spring, a children's musical, are presented. On other occasions the children take part in church services as members of a choral group. These activities are part of the school program and therefore the children enrolled in the school are required to take part. In extremely unusual cases, special exceptions may be made. When you enroll your child in our school, it is with the definite understanding that your child will participate in these functions.

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