Satisfied Families


Satisfied Families

From Parent Pulse:
"Bethany is a place that takes care in the growth our my child, mentally, spiritually and physically. It is very much a family atmosphere. I feel that every teacher and person at Bethany knows each child and plays an active role in the nurturing and development in the children. Bethany offers a variety of extra interest classes as well. Bethany has been the best choice for our family for over 4 generations."
-Reina Avila, parent

"We have loved our time at Bethany. I always tell people this is the only school or organization I’ve been involved with that knows how to manage their money, people and projects so well! I’m always amazed when there is money left in the budget at the end of the year and the school is like, what should we do with this money to help improve our school?! So great. Bethany was the best choice we made for our daughter. We recognized when she was young that she needed more time and one-on-one attention to succeed. We knew that the public school system wouldn’t do that for her. So we chose to keep her at Bethany."
-Alumnae parent

From a school parent:
“Bethany Lutheran School was the best decision we ever made. We wanted our child to receive a Christian based education in a loving, nurturing environment where he would simultaneously receive a quality learning experience. After nine years – my son is in 8th grade – I can say that Bethany has met all of our expectations and then some.”

From an alum:
“After reflecting on my time at Bethany, I truly believe that the teachers I had, the faith-based institution and the numerous extra-curricular opportunities given me played a significant role in shaping me into the person I am today.”

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